What are life groups?

Life groups are small groups of believers who meet weekly to grow together in their relationship and friendship with Jesus, each other, and unbelievers.

Four primary activities of life groups

Bible study: We engage in Bible discussion, rather than listening to one person teach.

Relationship-building: We share our victories and struggles.

Ministry to one another: We pray for and speak blessing over each other.

Outreach: We plan and pray for the group’s upcoming outreaches and give reports on what the Lord has done recently. Life groups are encouraged to adopt several blocks in specific neighborhoods or to serve and befriend a specific group of people in the community.

How to join a life group

Use the form to the right to contact us. We will help find the right group for you.

View the list below and email the life group leader to introduce yourself. If you have small children, ask if the group is able to host young families (one way is to arrange for people in the group to take turns watching the children).

Come and see us at Covenant Community Fellowship. Some of our leadership are available before and after every service to welcome you and help answer your questions.

The Claxton’s Life Group


When: Friday’s at 7:00p

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Where: Tim and Barb’s home

Contact info: barb.claxton@ccfcanton.org

The Crow’s Life Group


When: Tuesday’s at 6:00p

Frequency: Weekly

Where: Ray and Pat’s home

Contact info: info@ccfcanton.org

Tina and Goldie’s Life Group


When: Tuesday’s at 10:00a

Frequency: Weekly

Where: Canton House of Prayer

Contact info: info@ccfcanton.org

The Reber’s Life Group


When: Friday at 6:30p

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Where: Paul and Roberta’s home

Contact info: info@ccfcanton.org

The Lewistown Life Group


When: Wednesday’s at 6:00p

Frequency: Weekly

Where: Various locations

Contact info: curtis.atchley@ccfcanton.org

Sunday Life Group at CCF


When: Sunday’s at 9:00a

Frequency: Weekly

Where: CCF Multimedia Library

Contact info: info@ccfcanton.org

Wednesday Life Group at CCF


When: Wednesday’s at 10:00a

Frequency: Weekly

Where: CCF Multimedia Library

Contact info: pastor.kevin@ccfcanton.org

The Watchmen Men’s Group


When: Saturday at 8:00a

Frequency: Monthly on second Saturday

Where: CCF Cafe

Contact info: info@ccfcanton.org

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